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Organic Guatemala San Miguel


Crisp & Distinctive

Notes of Citrus, Melon & Floral

Intensely sweet and fruited with notes of melon and flowers with a crisp, lemony finish.




ACMI Cooperative

1500-2200 meters
Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai & Pache
On Farm Processing: Dry fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed and Patio Drying
January-March 2021
San Miguel Ixtahuacán, San Marcos

ACMI Cooperative

Nestled in the remote highlands of Western Guatemala lies the sleepy mountain town of San Miguel Ixtahuacán. The landscape here is beautiful with dizzying altitudes and breathtaking landscapes dotted with lush, verdant farms. To say that these are small-scale producers would be an understatement, average farm size in this area is less than 2 acres. Farmers here have maintained traditional heirloom varieties like Bourbon and Caturra, which has kept the profile of these coffees extremely sweet and dynamic.

In 2011, the producers gathered together to form the ACMI Cooperative, an organization that has grown to 149 members this year. The members are indigenous Mayan, speaking their ancestral language known as “Mam”.

This is our first year buying from ACMI, but we have been working with their exporting partner Manos Campesinas for more than a decade. The main objective of Manos is to offer its Cooperative members access to excellent buyers all over the world. Additionally, they provide technical assistance in the field to increase production as well as the quality of each harvest. Manos also provides technical support to help farmers diversify their crops, convert to organic production, improve the administration of the cooperatives, and promote women’s participation. They are an incredible organization and we are excited to have such a mission-aligned partner in them.

This is one of the sweetest, densest coffees we have tasted in Guatemala. Look for a striking brightness and very unique, honeysuckle sweetness. We hope you enjoy it.

ACMI Cooperative

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