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Organic Ethiopia Idido Tiluse Washed Process


Elegant & Floral

Notes of Violets, Plum & Black Tea

Gorgeous floral flavors like violet followed by a lovely stone fruit tone of plum, and finished with delicate black tea tones.




Producer: Tiluse Washing Station

2000-2200 meters
Ethiopian Landrace
Wet Fermented, Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
November - January 2023
Idido, Gedeb

Why We Love It

Idido Tiluse emanates gorgeous floral flavors like violet, followed with a lovely stone fruit tone of plum, and finishes with delicate notes of black tea. Washed Ethiopian coffees like Tiluse are overwhelmingly elegant in the cup with near mythical flavors that reflect the magical origins of coffee itself, first cultivated in Ethiopia.

This elegance of this coffee would be best captured using a pourover brewing method such as the Kalita Wave or the Hario V60. Lighter extractions will enhance the more “delicate” and floral notes, while stronger brews will yield more tart stone fruit and citrus flavors. 

About the Coffee

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to taste deliveries from the Tiluse Washing Station. We were immediately captivated by the familiar flavors we’ve come to know and love from Southern Ethiopia. This washed selection was one of our favorite lots of the year, demonstrating that there’s still more to be discovered in Ethiopia, especially from young washing stations such as Tiluse. 

This coffee underwent a standard process of washing and drying, beginning with smallholder farmers delivering ripe coffee cherries to the Tiluse Washing Station. They were then sorted, depulped, and fermented underwater, which creates some of the transparent and complex flavors found in Ethiopian coffee. These seeds are then moved to raised drying beds until they reach the ideal moisture content. Slowly and evenly drying the coffee is critical to preserving those expressive flavors you will find in the cup upon first sip. 

About the Producer

This lot is a collaboration between the owner of the Tiluse Washing Station and SNAP Coffee, who we’ve worked with over the last several harvests. She initially began farming sundried coffees but in 2022, she established the Tiluse Washing Station, adding washed and honey processes. This harvest comes from approximately 515 smallholder growers near the villages of Tiluse and several surrounding communities. We‘ve named this coffee Idido Tiluse. Tiluse for the kebele, or neighborhood, of the washing station, and Idido, for the nearby town which the farmers surround.

Tiluse Washing Station

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