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Organic Ethiopia Genji Challa


Floral & Complex

Notes of Spring Flowers, Melon & Lemon Zest

Aromatics of spring flowers and musk melon, give way to a round, honeyed body and a sparkling, clean finish.




1900-2200 meters
JARC Variety Kurume (74110) & Indigenous Landrace Varieties
Mechanical Washed Process: Aqua Pulped and Soaked Overnight; Dried on Raised Beds for 9-14 Days
November 2019 - January 2020

Nano Challa Cooperative

In the shade of some of the last remaining rainforest canopies in Ethiopia, the high elevation district of Gera has long cultivated a legacy of rare and exceptional flavors. The borders of modern day Gera roughly align with those of the 19th century Kingdom of Gera, which was known for its exquisite, golden honey. While this liquid gold is still an important product of the area, the region is now celebrated for its equally sweet and aromatic coffees.

This coffee comes to us from the Nano Challa Cooperative. Formed in 2004 by 25 local producers, the members of the cooperative knew that a higher quality product was one of the keys to achieving long term prosperity. But the cooperative lacked proper processing equipment. Only able to produce low quality, natural process coffees, the cooperative was forced to sell into the commodity market––bound by its low prices.

But in 2010, the cooperative became part of a coffee project, funded by the NGO, TechnoServe. As part of this project, Technoserve built washing stations, not only for Nano Challa, but for dozens of cooperatives. Now, when you visit Nano Challa, you are struck by the finesse and precision in their processing techniques. Coffee processed at the mill is pulped and washed using a Penagos, a machine known for using minimal water. Following the wash, the coffee is soaked before being meticulously and slowly dried. While it dries, every imperfect bean is picked from the beds, to create a near immaculate crop.

Nano Challa’s membership has since swelled to over 400 producers. In 2018, wanting to support their growing member community and demand, the cooperative finished building their second processing site, Genji Challa. This coffee comes from that second location.

Genji Challa lot #11 comes from the latter part of the harvest, when the denser, highest altitude coffees are ripening. It has all of the beautiful expressions of Ethiopian coffee that we love, but with a gentle florality unique to Gera. Like the region’s famed honey, it’s sweet, sparkling, and indescribably complex.

Nano Challa Cooperative

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