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Organic Ethiopia Charbanta Carbonic Washed


Candied & Effervescent

Notes of Citrus, Melon & Cherry Candy

A raw honey sweetness and thick body gives way to a punchy core of candied cherry with a floral and juicy aftertaste.




Idido Wegida Washing Station

2000-2450 meters
Kudhume (74110), Wolisho (74112) & Heirloom Varieties
Whole cherries held in sealed bags for two days. 48 Hour wet fermentation, overnight soak and raised bed drying
November-January 2021
Charbanta Kebele


We've been, admittedly, a bit obsessed with the small Yirgacheffe village of Idido for the better part of the last decade. Since our first trip, we've found no other area that produces such a distinct florality and dynamic complexity in all of Ethiopia. While we've traveled to Idido a number of times, it wasn't until 2015 that we were thankfully connected with a small group of farms in the remote village of Charbanta.

Upon visiting Charbanta, we knew immediately that it had some of the greatest potential for quality coffee, perhaps anywhere in the world. This wild potential for quality is a combination of the concentration of Kudhume, one of the best coffee varieties, and the outlandishly high altitudes, which reach as high as 2,457 meters (or 8,000+ feet).

This lot comes from the Wegida Washing Station -- who we've been working with for the past 6 years -- and more specifically from a single farmer, Abiyot Ageze. This is our second year working with Abiyot and thanks to our developing relationship, we were able to make a special request regarding the preparation of this lot.

We asked him to hold the coffee cherries for two days before they underwent the traditional Ethiopian wet fermentation -- this is called carbonic processing. The term originated in the wine industry in Beaujolais, France and is used as a way to enhance fruit flavors and make certain wines a bit more approachable.

We couldn’t be more happy with the results of this experimental lot. In the cup, we've noticed that the added contact time with the coffee fruit added a remarkable candied sweetness with an abundance of red fruits like cherry and strawberry. The fruit flavors remain nuanced and delicate with a distinct florality that we expect from this area. If you are a lover of washed coffees from Ethiopia, you will not want to miss this rare treat.

Idido Wegida Washing Station

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