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Kenya Gamba Carbonic Washed


Wild & Fruited

Notes of Red Currant, Raspberry Jam & Fig

Brilliant shades of red fruit-toned acidity paired with a deep sweetness and a bright, punchy finish.




Kamavindi Coffee Project

Carbonic Washed
October-December 2020
Embu & Kirinyaga Counties

About Kenya Gamba Carbonic Washed

For this coffee, Peter used cherry from his own farm as well as from four other producers around Rungeto, Kirinyaga, and Gicherori. The freshly picked, ripe coffee cherries were stored in sealed grainpro bags for 24 hours. The coffee was then pulped and dry fermented for an additional 20 hours. After being rinsed and allowed to ferment for another 24 hours, the coffee was spread out on raised beds for drying. We are calling this a Carbonic Washed process because it is very similar to the way wine is produced in Beaujolais -- whole grapes are fermented in a carbon-dioxide rich environment. Similarly here, the fermentation in the sealed grain pro bags produces a high volume of carbon dioxide.

Why We Love Kenya Gamba Carbonic Washed

This is the first coffee in Kenya processed with this new methodology and, honestly, we were so excited that we bought it before we even tasted it. The results couldn’t be more outstanding. Peter Mbature is making a name for himself as one of the most exciting up-and-coming farmers in Kenya. In the cup, we find a deep and pleasant sweetness in addition to a floral and fruited, orange jelly-like quality. We have never quite tasted a coffee like this before from Kenya and thoroughly enjoy its unique profile.

Kamavindi Coffee Project

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