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Organic Canopy


Weighty & Satisfying

Notes of Brown Sugar, Stone Fruit & Candy Bar

Don’t let the brown sugar and candy bar notes fool you, this comfortable blend finishes with a complexity that can stop time. Canopy is particularly special because for every bag purchased, we’re planting a tree where this coffee was grown.

Producers: 100% Guatemala La Unidad




Producer: La Unidad Cooperative

Region: San Marcos, Guatemala

About Organic Canopy

Canopy is a coffee blend rooted in purpose. 

With notes of brown sugar, stone fruit, and candy bar, Canopy is a standout blend that's available year round. Not only is Canopy delicious, it catalyzes positive environmental change at coffee origin. We brought Canopy to life to help us achieve our goal of making a difference for farmers and for the land on which our coffee grows. 

For every bag of Canopy purchased, one tree will be planted at origin farms.

We've partnered with Manos Campesinas in Guatemala to develop on-the-ground partnerships with small-scale farmers to provide trees and education about on-farm agroforestry. Planting larger, shade trees among coffee plants improves the quality of the coffee, promotes biodiversity, captures carbon, aids in soil conservation, and provides habitat for migratory birds. 

Manos Campesinas was founded in San Marcos, Guatemala in 1997 and is now composed of over 1,200 members sprawled across 8 different, local cooperatives. Many members of the larger co-op identify as indigenous and speak multiple languages such as Mam, Quiché, T'zutujil, Sipakapense, and Kaqchikel in addition to Spanish. For the past few seasons, we've zeroed in on the communities of La Unidad, Tajomulco, Adenisa, and San Miguel in San Marcos. Coffees from these communities have consistently jumped off the cupping table season after season as exceptional.


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