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Colombia La Piedra Honey Process


Punchy & Distinctive

Notes of Cherry, Lime & Floral

Dried cherry sweetness is balanced with bright lime-like acidity. This big-bodied cup is super sweet and finishes clean and bright.




Colombia La Piedra Honey Processed

2100 meters
Caturra, Colombia
Honey process, Dried On Raised Beds
July 2021- September 2021
Tablón de Goméz, Nariño

Ema Ordoñez

This honey-processed coffee comes to us from a single farmer: Ema Ordoñez. Ema’s farm, La Piedra, is located in the highlands of Tablón de Gómez, nestled between the Amazonas and Andes geographical regions. She cultivates just 5,000 trees, primarily in the Caturra and Colombia varieties. At 2,100 meters above sea level, the cherries are able to mature more slowly, concentrating their sugars as the crop ripens. When conditions like this are paired with the skill and attention of a farmer like Ema, you get coffee that is bursting with possibility.

Beyond the well-loved varietals and elevation, this year’s lot has been honey-processed, meaning that some of the sticky fruit from the cherries is left on the seeds after depulping. Unlike the traditional washed process, this unique style bypasses traditional fermentation and the extended contact time with the residual fruit emphasizes sweetness and body while enhancing dried fruit flavors in the cup.

The fate of most coffees like Colombia La Piedra is to be blended in with hundreds of bags of coffee from the same region and sold under an exporter’s brand. Quite often coffee sold as a single origin is sourced from several different farmers in a specific area. While this can yield a delicious coffee, it does not offer the same intimate experience as a single farmer lot.

In order to separate higher quality single farmer lots like La Piedra, professional coffee tasters must taste through every delivery to separate the good from the truly great. This process takes time, skill and organization, but when it works it can recognize and incentivize individual producers who are growing truly spectacular coffee.

We've been buying coffee from Ema since 2018 and this year’s harvest has us smacking our lips. Notes of dried cherry are complemented by a well structured, lime-like acidity and a clean and bright finish. With tang, pop, and a delicate bloom, La Piedra will inspire you.

Ema Ordoñez

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