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Colombia Finca Costa Rica Pink Bourbon


Tropical & Electric

Notes of Blood Orange, Mango & Cherry Syrup

Profound citrus tones of blood orange, followed by a rush of tropical mango, finishing with a cherry syrup sweetness.




Producer: Faver Ninco

2000 Meters
Pink Bourbon
Fermented in Cherry, Sealed in Bags and Agitated Before Depulping and Washing, and Dried on Raised Beds
May - August 2023
Santa Maria, Huila

Why we love it

Taking the number one spot in the Huila Magico competition, Finca Costa Rica is a truly exceptional sensory experience. You will immediately recognize crisp, floral and tropical fruit aromas before even taking the first sip. Flavors range from profound blood orange citrus qualities, and transform into to mango-like tropical fruit, before finishing with a residual cherry syrup sweetness that lingers long after the final, breathtaking drops. Every sip leaves us with a profound appreciation for the devotion and dedication of Faver Ninco, Liliam Camila, and the Finca Costa Rica team.

This lot consists entirely of the Pink Bourbon variety, and was processed using a specialized fermentation technique that enhances the fruity and floral aromas in the cup. The moment it hits the grinder, it's no surprise that this coffee rose above the rest.

About the producer 

Faver Ninco began his journey producing coffee 25 years ago, learning techniques from his father and his community. Faver’s daughter, Liliam Camila, is the youngest member of The Coffee Quest’s team in Colombia. She oversees their purchasing station in the town of Santa Maria, carefully cupping each coffee to ensure they meet ideal quality specifications. With the help of Camila and her siblings, the family farm has grown and now includes rare and exotic coffee varieties. Their innovations have helped the family produce truly outstanding coffee, such as this Pink Bourbon lot.

Finca Costa Rica sits at a staggering elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level, one of the highest elevation farms in the community of Santa Maria. Here, Faver cultivates 19,000 individual coffee trees consisting of several varieties, including Pink Bourbon and Caturra, as well as small volumes of Java, Gesha, and Papayo. We hope to taste more varieties from the farm in the future.

In addition to coffee, Faver and his family cultivate bananas, avocados, and a slew of vegetables. The family has also dedicated nearly four acres of their farm to preserve the natural forest and water springs, which ensures biodiversity on the entire farm.

About the coffee

Pink Bourbon is a relatively new coffee variety on the scene. Though its origins are hazy and mysterious, what we do know is that when produced well, Pink Bourbon coffees taste very floral and citrusy, similar to the kinds of coffees we taste in East Africa. This has made Pink Bourbon one of the most popular varieties for farmers looking to attract buyers with attention to quality. 

This particular lot underwent several stages of fermentation. Ripe coffee cherries were picked and delivered to the wet-mill the same day. They then sit overnight before being placed into bags and fermented semi-anaerobically for 72 hours before being depulped and washed. This extended fermentation process allows for greater fruit characteristics to appear in the final cup.

Faver Ninco

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