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Organic Ethiopia Danche Natural


Complex & Punchy

Notes of Peach, Orange Marmelade & Floral

Peach and orange marmelade toned fruit, with a honeyed sweetness and a complex, layered finish.

Ingredients: 100% Ethiopia Danche Natural Process




2000-2300 meters
JARC Varieties: Kurume (74110), Wolisho (74112), & Heirloom Varieties
Natural Process: whoe cherries dried in thin layers on raised beds for 14-20 days
November 2019-January 2020
Worka Chelbessa, Gedeb

Danche Washing Station

We are obsessed with the beautiful, natural processed coffees from Ethiopia. Our second lot of the year was harvested on very small farms in the rolling hills around the Danche washing station in the large kebele of Worka Chelbessa. The washing station sits at an extraordinary 2100 meters, making it one of the highest washing stations in all of the greater Gedeb zone.

Gedeb is one of the more celebrated zones in all of Ethiopia. Its region’s coffees take on iconic and striking notes of sweet peach along with intense floral tones. While all of the coffee from the region is remarkable, the higher altitude lots we’ve identified from the Danche Washing station have been some of our favorite coffees in all of Ethiopia.

At the washing station, perfectly picked, ripe cherries are delivered to Danche and immediately placed onto raised African beds. The coffee is layered very thinly so that each cherry can dry slowly, and evenly. Good care in handling and drying with naturals tends to yield very clean flavors with impeccable clarity, complexity and sweetness.

All of this work, from near-obsessive picking to the finesse in processing, reveals the true potential of coffees from this region. The product of hundreds of years of thoughtful cultivation and a tradition of care, Ethiopia Chelbessa Danche continues to be one of our most anticipated releases of the year.

Danche Washing Station

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