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Organic Ethiopia Danche Barako


Floral & Nuanced

Notes of Honeysuckle, Tangerine & Peach

This coffee is all about finesse. It hits with a burst of floral aromatics. The fruit flavors are surprising, like tangerine, with a honey-like sweetness, and a complex, peachy aftertaste.




2000-2200 meters
JARC Varieties: Kurume (74110), Wolisho (74112), & Heirloom Varieties
Wet fermentation (36-48 hours), washed, raised bed drying 10-14 days
December 2019- January 2020
Chelbessa, Gedeb

Barako Deyaso Small Estate

It would be an understatement to say that we are obsessed with the coffees from Ethiopia. The Southern stretches of the coffee country tend to be some of our biggest crushes, in well known areas such as Yirgacheffe, Guji, and Gedeb. In the last few years, we have begun to focus very heavily in an area known as Chelbessa, and the washing stations there that are owned and run Neguesse Debela and his exporting company SNAP.

Through this partnership which is helped along by our long-time friend, Tim Hill, we were able to identify a single farm in this area owned by Barako Desayo and his family, located in the village of Danche. Barako owns one of the larger farms in the area, 12 hectares or roughly 30 acres. While large in size by Ethiopia standards, this is quite small compared to the average agricultural farm in the United States.

Single producer lots from Ethiopia are exceedingly rare. Washed processed single producer lots are even more scarce. Having an already exceptional washing station take the time to work with a producer to process and keep the coffee separate is basically unheard of, and a showcase of a new and exciting partnership.

This complex, bright, and stunningly sweet washed Ethiopian coffee represents the dedication of Barako and his family, and the time and attention that Neguesse Debela's washing stations are known for.

Barako Deyaso Small Estate

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