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Organic Colombia Los Naranjos


Juicy & Refined

Notes of Mandarin, Tangerine & Honey

We are tasting a spectrum of orange citrus in this fresh lot from Los Naranjos. Sweet, juicy mandarin and tangerine fruit tones give way to a syrupy body and an articulate, dynamic finish.




1800-2000 meters
Bourbon, Colombia, Tabi & Caturra
Washed, Dry Fermentation, Dried on Raised Beds
June - August 2019
Alto Palmar, Cauca


We are excited to offer yet another beautiful, Colombian single farmer lot from the famed Inzá valley. Cultivated by Neyid Pillimue on his five hectare farm, Los Naranjos, or “The Oranges,” this coffee is as sweet and juicy and its namesake.

Inzá is a tiny valley, tucked between the verdant mountains of Cauca. The majestic mountains and mosaiced valleys around Cauca have become known as a rare source for flavor profiles that have become increasingly elusive in Colombia with the rise of La Roya-resistant, hybrid varieties, such as Castillo.

Coffee can be defined by lineages – by the heirloom varieties intrinsic to a region, or by the farmers that steward the land, passing it from one generation to the next. The stories that define a coffee extend far beyond a single growing season.

Neyid bought his small farm back in 2010, after working for years on his family's farm. He is the eldest son of Maria Rosa, the mother and matriarch of the Pillimue family, who helps coordinate and evaluate the thousands of deliveries from small-scale farmers in this area.

After many seasons of saving, with the hopes of having a family and forging his own way, Neyid left his family’s hometown of San Antonio to the neighboring municipality of Cauca, just west. Now, four children and four grandchildren later, Neyid knows the threads of his family remain inexorably bound up with the future of specialty coffee. His family continues to help organize producers in the region and his son, Neyid Jr, is training to be a coffee taster at the Pillimue lab and continue his family’s tradition of coffee farming.

Pillimue Farmers Group

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