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Organic Peru La Pomarrosa


Refined & Snappy

Baked Apple, Lime & Brown Sugar

A refined expression of the Bourbon variety featuring tones of baked apple and snappy lime acidity, finishing with sweet brown sugar.

$1 from each bag of Peru La Pomarrosa sold supports gender equity at origin. The funds are used for programs that encourage empowerment and equal pay for women in coffee growing regions.





Producer: Merci Fernandez

1850 Meters
Fully Washed, Dried on Raised Beds
July - October 2023
Colasay, Cajamarca

About The Producer

Merci Fernandez and her coffee highlight the best of the Colasay area in northern Peru. We had the pleasure of visiting her farm, La Pomarrosa, in 2020 while visiting other farmer partners. She's not only an extremely talented farmer, but also one of the managers of Origin Coffee Lab’s remote delivery site and lab in the town of Colasay. There, she and her team intake coffee samples and evaluate deliveries from other farmers in the community. At a youthful 24, her dedication and passion far exceed her years, which is expressed perfectly through this microlot selection.

Colasay is one of the most exciting coffee-producing regions we’ve visited in recent years. This remote community in northern Peru consistently produces coffees with exceptional complexity, elegant florality, and sugary sweetness — a combination that always leaves us wanting more. There’s something to be said for the right combination of variety and cultivation conditions, but it takes truly visionary farmers like Merci to express the potential of quality coffee.

About the Coffee

One of the most distinctive aspects of this coffee is its variety — a Bourbon mutation found just down the road from Merci’s farm. Many farmers in the area started cultivating this variety because of its high yield and strong resistance to la roya, a destructive leaf fungus. In addition to her careful harvesting, Merci meticulously manages the processing of her coffees, which are fermented without water for 24 hours before being moved to covered, raised beds for two weeks. Each of her lots is cupped and separated according to its score, with only the best lots landing at our roastery.

This year, Merci has greatly expanded her role within the Colasay community. She now leads the local delivery station and cupping lab, which entails building and segregating various coffees into large-volume blender lots, or keeping lots separated to form distinct microlot-quality coffees. Her continued growth as a leader in Colasay is inspiring, as a new generation of young farmers takes the lead in creating excellent quality coffees. 

Why We Love It

This unique and localized Bourbon variety perfectly captures the taste-of-place we fell in love with years ago. It exudes soft and elegant florality as well as a playful sweetness that lingers long after the final sip. We taste refined tones of baked apple, followed by snappy lime acidity, and finishing with lingering brown sugar sweetness.

Merci Fernandez

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