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Burundi Nemba Natural Special Prep


Jammy & Spiced

Notes of Wild Strawberries, Red Grapes & Mulling Spices

Jammy wild strawberries and juicy red grapes dominate the cup, followed by complex layers of mulling spices.




Nemba Washing Station

1800-2100 meters
Special Prep: Coffee cherries are delivered to the Nemba Washing Station where they are sorted for ripeness before being moved to raised drying beds for upwards of 20 days
April - August 2023
Kayanza Province

Nemba Washing Station

What We Love

We're happy to introduce our latest offering, fresh-crop Burundi Nemba! Historically, shipping coffee from Burundi has posed logistical challenges, causing delays in hindering freshness. But this season, our partners at Nemba worked diligently to deliver early, for which we're extremely grateful.

Burundi coffees consistently rank among our favorites each year due to their unparalleled and distinct flavors. Derived from old heirloom Bourbon trees, these coffees offer a memorable fusion of tastes that sets them apart. They strike a delicate balance featuring hints of black tea and citrus alongside a unique and robust texture rarely found in coffee.

This sundried natural selection was prepared exclusively for us at Wonderstate. It embodies everything we adore about natural processing – fruity flavors complemented by refined acidity and ample sweetness. In each cup, expect to savor the jamminess of wild strawberries, juicy red grapes, and intricate layers of mulling spices.

About the Coffee

Drinking great coffee can be a remarkable experience, and the truly great captures the essence of its origin, known as terroir. Each coffee is grown in a unique environment, making it impossible to replicate elsewhere. The finest coffees embody distinct, identifiable flavors that reflect the specific moment in time: the weather, growing conditions, and most importantly, the human touch. At Wonderstate, we are driven to roast coffees that transport us to a particular place through their flavors.

Burundi coffees exemplify this pursuit. They whisk us away from Viroqua to the picturesque rolling hills surrounding the Nemba Washing Station. Farmers from various communities, including Nkonge, Mikuba, and Gitwa, deliver ripe Bourbon cherries to the washing station to be meticulously processed. This collaborative approach to processing ensures greater quality control, creating a truly magical flavor profile.

For this selection, we requested that the team at Nemba separately dry a naturally processed lot exclusively for us. One of the challenges of producing exceptional sun-dried coffee is ensuring that the cherries are dried evenly and slowly over several weeks. If the drying process is rushed, it can lead to premature aging of the beans, compromising the fruity notes we cherish. Thanks to the team at Nemba, this little experiment was a resounding success, preserving the jammy sweetness and fruity flavors that define this exceptional coffee.

About the Producer

This marks our seventh consecutive year sourcing coffee from the Nemba communities. Previous harvests from this group have received recognition in the Cup of Excellence competition, and this year's harvest continues that legacy. 

Partnering with approximately 2,600 farmers from neighboring communities, the Nemba Washing Station collects and processes coffee cherries with an exceptional level of expertise and consistency. Each contributing farm spans roughly three acres and hosts 200-300 coffee trees.

An interesting layer to our relationship with the Nemba community is, well, goats. Yes, goats. Early in our relationship, we couldn't purchase their coffee because it was priced below our minimum pay price. Realizing that the coffee wasn't priced fairly, we collaborated directly with the local Kahawatu Foundation instead of simply compensating the exporter. The additional funds were used to purchase goats for the coffee-growing communities. These goats proved immensely beneficial on farms, diversifying incomes and deepening our connection with the communities.

Moreover, since Nemba had to undertake additional steps to produce this special lot for Wonderstate, we established a higher price that reflects the value of their labor and the dedication required to produce outstanding coffee. And don't worry, we're still buying the goats as well. 

Nemba Washing Station

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