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Organic Colombia Santa Teresa


Layered & Articulate

Notes of Red Raspberry, Honey & Cacao

Uniquely complex and approachable with a honey-like sweetness and a red raspberry finish.




1750-2100 Meters
70% Caturra, Colombia
On Farm Processing, Dry Fermentation, Washed, Parabolic Dryers
July-September 2020
Inzá, Cauca


This coffee is the fruit of 40-50 smallholder coffee producers in the sub-municipality of Santa Teresa in Inza, Colombia. Our exporting partners, Pergamino, funded an effort at the community cupping lab in Santa Teresa to taste and score every micro-lot. As coffees were delivered from the area, the highest scoring lots were kept aside and blended together, creating this incredibly focused, yet dynamic assemblage of local growers.

Cauca’s violent past had historically prevented quality-focused exporters from establishing a presence in the region, but peace agreements between FARC and the Colombian government have enabled farmers in the region to gain access to the specialty coffee market. The region is not only ideal for high-quality coffee production, but development has also been bolstered by nearby tourist destinations like the world heritage site, Parque Nacional Arqueológico de Tierradentro.

This is our third year working on this amazing project in Inza. Pergamino teamed up with a reputable local family -- the Pillimues -- in order to offer upmarket access more widely in the region and to put more control in the hands of local people. The family opened a small warehouse and cupping lab with funding from Pergamino. They act as logistics and sourcing partners and are able to provide quality assessment services for nearly 150 families in the area. This effort is far more impactful than any other regional association, reaching not just Santa Teresa, but also the towns of Belen, La Palmera, Aguablanca, Pedregal, Palmichal, San Jose and San Antonio. Most importantly, the Pillimue/Pergamino partnership enables more families than ever before to access higher prices by placing their incredible coffee on the specialty market.

Pillimue Farmers Group

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