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Colombia Finca Costa Rica Pink Bourbon


Fruited & Electric

Notes of Mango, Blood Orange & Blackberry

This Pink Bourbon variety expresses tropical mango tones alongside electric blood orange, and hints of tart blackberry.




Producer: Faver Ninco

1900-2100 Meters
Pink Bourbon
Coffee cherries rest overnight prior to depulping. They are then fermented semi-anaerobically for 72 hours before a soft wash and drying on a shade-covered patio.
November - January 2024
Santa Maria, Huila

What we love

Finca Costa Rica has firmly established itself as one of our cornerstones thanks to its remarkably distinctive flavors. Continuing a tradition of excellence, this late-winter harvest radiates complex fruit and floral tones epitomizing Colombia's finest coffee. In the cup, we taste juicy tropical fruit tones of mango and electric blood orange finishing with hints of tart blackberry. 

About the producer 

Faver Ninco embarked on his coffee journey a quarter-century ago, growing up on a coffee farm and absorbing techniques passed down from his father and neighboring coffee farmers. Only a handful of years ago, with the help of his daughter, Camila, Faver began the transition away from conventional coffee farming, focusing solely on specialty coffee.

At 22 years old, Camila is the youngest member of Coffee Quest's Colombian team. In the nearby town of Santa Maria, she meticulously oversees the local purchasing station, diligently cupping each coffee to uphold stringent quality standards. With the collaborative effort of Camila and her father, the family farm has flourished, embracing rare and exotic coffee varieties. Their innovative spirit has been instrumental in crafting exceptional coffees like the Pink Bourbon featured here.

Perched at an impressive elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level, Finca Costa Rica is among the highest farms in the region. Here, Faver tends 19,000 coffee trees of various varieties such as Pink Bourbon, and Caturra, as well as limited quantities of Java, Gesha, and Papayo. 

Beyond coffee cultivation, Faver and his family produce bananas, avocados, and numerous vegetables. Four acres of their land have been set aside as natural forests and water springs, safeguarding biodiversity for the whole estate. Additionally, Faver has committed himself to farming without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, utilizing only compost made from organic materials found on the farm. 

About the coffee

Pink Bourbon, which is a somewhat mysterious varietal, has been gaining traction in specialty circles as of late. A recent genetic analysis debunked any actual connection with the Bourbon variety, instead revealing ties to various Ethiopian landrace varieties. This revelation sheds light on the abundance of citric, tropical, and floral notes that distinguish Pink Bourbon.

This particular selection from Finca Costa Rica undergoes a meticulous fermentation process. After harvesting, the coffee cherries, picked at peak ripeness, are promptly delivered to the wet mill. There, they undergo an overnight rest before being depulped and carefully placed into plastic containers for a 72-hour semi-anaerobic fermentation. They're then depulped and softly washed, leaving some of the “honey” behind to dry on the seeds. This extended fermentation period enhances the fruity characteristics, culminating in a coffee with layers of flavor, unveiling more nuance and personality with each sip.

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