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Ethiopia Basha Bombe Natural Process


Fruity & Captivating

Notes of Red Plum, Grape Jam & Dark Chocolate

Thoroughly fruity and juicy with dynamic chocolate and floral tones with a long, crisp finish.




Producer: Basha Bekele

2200-2300 Meters
74112 & 74158
On Farm Processing, Dried in Cherry
November-January 2022
Bensa, Sidama

About the Producer

Ethiopia has long produced some of the most profound, distinct, and downright tasty coffee in the world. Even within this thoroughly explored context, new farms located in emerging regions are making a name for themselves. In the past few years, the Bensa region of Western Ethiopia has gained international recognition for producing remarkable coffees that display both full fruity flavors as well as excellent structure and complex florals.

In recent years, the situation within Ethiopia has shifted drastically. In the past, individual farmers had no legal method of selling their coffee directly to buyers. All transactions were handled through the government, which obscured the transparency of coffees and kept small farms from marketing to potential clients. Luckily, due to changes in legislation, now all small farmers and cooperatives are able to sell directly without any intervention, which in turn has caused an explosion of new coffees from emerging farmers and areas. Bakele’s farm is located in the Bombe village, an area we’ve identified for its outstanding potential to produce some of the best coffees we’ve encountered during this new harvest.

About the Coffee

Basha Bekele is one of these farmers whose coffees previously would never have seen the light of day. Basha and his family oversee a farm that’s little more than 7 acres. It’s here that he carefully cultivates some truly outstanding coffee that balances fruitiness with classic Ethiopian complexity. He grows two varieties, 74112 and 74158, both of which were selected for their distinct flavor and robust resistance to disease. This coffee is a full natural process where fresh picked cherries are laid out on raised African beds to dry for roughly 21 days. The extended contact time with the coffee cherry adds fruitiness and sweetness to the cup as well as a dimensionality that only comes from top tier natural process coffees like this one.

Why We Love It

In the cup, we taste lovely fresh fruit tones of red plum, strawberries, and wild-grape jelly alongside deeper tones of dark chocolate expressive florals. This coffee is certain to impress even the most seasoned drinkers. We find brewing this coffee stronger can enhance the fruit-tones, while softer brews can bring forth more floral and spice tones. Enjoy!

Basha Bekele

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