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Organic Peru El Cedro


Silky & Elegant

Notes of Nashi Pear, Chamomile & Raw Sugar

Elegant flavors of fresh nashi pear are combined with silky floral tones of chamomile and finished with a refined raw sugar sweetness.




Producer: Einer Saldivar

2000 Meters
Bourbon, Catuai
July - October 2023
Colasay, Cajamarca

One of the most magical aspects of coffee is its ability to paint a vivid picture of terroir — or, taste of place — through the range of flavors we taste. Coffees like El Cedro take us back to the verdant mountains surrounding the community of Colasay, where farmers still cultivate the increasingly rare bourbon variety. The flavors from this community have captivated us each season, and 2023 was an outstanding year for quality from northern Peru. In the cup, we've found generous amounts of sweetness with an elegant, silky texture. The flavors remind us of refreshing Nashi Pear, alongside floral, chamomile-like tones, with a sugary-sweet finish.


The Colasay community is extremely remote and largely unheard of outside the circles of specialty coffee. Farms in the area are small, around 2-5 acres in size, and produce a few bags of coffee each season. Due to their isolation and lack of infrastructure investment, most of the farmers in Colasay have learned about coffee production via their family traditions. 

Einer Saldivar is one such farmer. On his farm, El Cedro, he cultivates the local Bourbon variety, as well as Catuai, another heirloom variety with exceptional quality. With the help of his family, he processes coffee in the traditional washed method and transports it by donkey into the town of Colasay. Through our partners at Origin Coffee Lab, we've been able to connect with incredible farmers like Einer. This partnership not only helps us pay top dollar to smallholder farmers but also gives the community access to a much wider market. 

In the words of Einer himself: “El Cedro is much more than a piece of land for me… since I was a child my parents and grandparents taught me the importance of caring for the coffee crop. Every morning before dawn we entered the farm to take care of each plant of the Bourbon variety. This has united us as a family and taught us the value of hard work, and perseverance. The challenges at El Cedro are daunting, but the passion for coffee drives us forward. For years we faced [challenges caused by] inclement weather… but we never lost faith in our dream. Each harvest represents the result of our joint effort and love for this land. El Cedro is a testament to our dedication and love for coffee.” 


The coffees from Colasay deeply resonate with our mission to support smallholder coffee farmers who still cultivate those old tree varieties, many of which have become increasingly rare. We find these coffees to have unmatched elegance and sweetness that create a memorable experience in each brew. 

This year we sourced all of our northern Peruvian coffees from Colasay, focusing on purchasing across the entire quality spectrum ranging from reliable blends to single farm selections, like El Cedro, that boast complex acidity and glorious fruit tones.

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