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Organic Ethiopia Halo Hartume


Tropical & Sugary

Notes of Nectarine, Peach & Tropical Fruits

Halo Hartume expresses a gorgeous array of stone fruit tones such as nectarine and peach, alongside lush tropical fruits and a lovely floral finish.




Producer: Halo Hartume Washing Station

2000-2200 meters
Ethiopian Heirloom
Wet Fermented, Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
December - March 2023
Gedeo, Gedeb

Why We Love It

Over the years, we've searched for the finest expressions of Ethiopian coffee. Our partners at SNAP PLC have helped make that journey possible by producing and exporting rare coffees that capture Ethiopia's dynamic beauty. Halo Hartume does just that. It's one of those coffees that brings light to the deepest winter days, with fruity tones of ripe summer nectarine and sugary sweet peaches, followed by aromas of tropical fruit, finishing with a lovely essence of honeysuckle. 

About the Producer

We've sourced from SNAP for more than five years. They're an exporter that operates washing stations throughout Ethiopia, as well as sourcing from localized, independently owned stations. Each year we’re stunned by their ability to produce and source truly phenomenal coffees, several of which we have acquired seasonally, including Worka Chelbessa and Chelbessa Danche.

Throughout Ethiopia, smallholder coffee farmers deliver freshly picked coffee cherries from their garden-sized plots to centralized washing stations such as Halo Hartume. At the washing station, cherries are sorted, depulped, fermented, washed, and dried. Throughout the harvest deliveries from the Halo Hartume washing station are separated by quality and profile, from which we select the perfect coffees that meet our ideal quality and flavor expectations. 

About the Coffee

Coffees produced in southern Ethiopia, namely around the Gedeo zone, provide the kinds of nuanced flavor we adore. This specific selection is one of the best washed Ethiopian coffees we’ve tasted in recent years, with immediately recognizable floral aromas, sugary sweet stone fruit tones, and shining lemon acidity.

Most farmers in Ethiopia cultivate “heirloom” varieties, which impart the distinctly Ethiopian flavor we’re familiar with. In recent years, there's been increasing interest in identifying particular heirloom varieties and understanding their unique flavor characteristics. It's still early days in this process, but we can't wait to parse out the incredible varieties that make Halo Hartume shine so bright.

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