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Organic Ethiopia Chelbessa Danche


Juicy & Floral

Notes of Mandarin, Nectarine & Floral


Experience juicy tones of mandarin orange, followed by fleshy nectarine and a classic floral finish.




Producers: Farmers of Danche Community

1900-2300 Meters
Heirloom Ethiopian
48-72 hour Wet Fermentation, Washed, Dried on Raised Beds
November 2023-February 2024
Danche, Gedeb

Danche Washing Station

What We Love

There's no coffee like Ethiopian coffee. 

Simply put, Ethiopian coffee sparks wonder in us with every sip. Their ability to express astonishing flavors of ripe stone fruits, crystal clear citrus, and aromatic florality make them not only some of our personal favorites, but some of the best coffees we work with each year. This selection from Chelbessa Danche once again reminds us of why Ethiopia is such a special place, and why we wait each year with great anticipation for their return to our roastery. In the cup we taste refreshing and juicy tones of mandarin, followed by fleshy nectarine and finishing with classic floral aromas. 

About the Coffee

Historically, Ethiopia is the genetic homeland of all coffee in the world. It's not difficult to understand why Ethiopian coffees are exceptional: completely distinct in flavor and aroma compared to all other coffees in the world. Heirloom trees grown in their original context provide us with flavor experiences you just won't find anywhere else. 


Several hundred small farmers throughout the area deliver to the centralized washing station in Danche, where ripe coffee cherries are sorted, de-pulped, wet-fermented, and then dried to optimal moisture levels. The simple processing method employed allows for the taste of place, or terroir, of Danche to shine in each cup. What you'll encounter is an outstanding representation of Ethiopian coffee: no frills or gimmicks. Just pure wonder.


This is our third consecutive year purchasing from the Danche community, located in the southernmost coffee-growing region of Gedeb. Through multiple tastings, we've found the coffee produced by the Danche community highlights all the best components of Ethiopian coffees. Average farm size is exceptionally small, with most farmers overseeing only a few hundred trees. These garden-sized plots still manage to retain the phenomenal flavors of Ethiopian coffee. 

Danche Washing Station

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