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Organic Colombia La Independencia


Ripe & Juicy

Notes of Pomegranate, Black Cherry & Hibiscus

Exceptionally ripe and juicy, we find tart-sweet tones of pomegranate and black cherries, followed by a soft floral tone of hibiscus.




Producers: Jose Pechene & Luz Amanda

1780 Meters
Caturra, Tabi
Depulped and dry fermented, dried on raised beds
July - Sept 2023
Agua Blanca, Inza, Cauca

Why We Love It

This is the third year in a row that we’ve had the opportunity to release this excellent selection from Jose Pechene and Luz Amanda. Their coffee is consistently among our favorites each year, with flavors that manage to capture the long-sought-after flavors of Inza, Colombia. In the cup, we taste ripe tones of fresh pomegranate, followed by juicy black cherry, and a complex and inviting note of hibiscus in the finish. 

About the Farmer

The municipality of Inza has long been thought to hold some of the best coffees cultivated in the entire of Colombia. Situated between two national parks, the surrounding mountains are a continuation of the Andean mountain range, which generates a moderate and cool climate ideal for cultivating specialty coffee.

Despite the high quality, Inza's coffee has historically been difficult to source. Remote communities, tucked amongst rugged hills, make it a difficult destination to access, especially by car. In tandem, this area has long suffered from ongoing violence and instability caused by armed paramilitary groups. Travel has not always been safe, and only recently, communities such as Pedregal and San Antonio have become safe to visit. 

During our trip to Inza this past fall, we met farmers Jose Pechene Domingo and Luz Amanda, whose farm, La Independencia, is a stone's throw away from the community of Agua Blanca. The farm is nearly 20 acres in size and contains not only coffee trees but a variety of shade and fruit trees, as well as a natural waterfall that provides water to the farm. The family began cultivating coffee nearly 20 years ago, and have struggled along the way to find markets that value their hand work and dedication to quality. Thanks to our sourcing partners at Pergamino and Pilliume Coffee, we can share the incredible work of the Domingo family. 

About the Coffee

Coffees from Inza are among the best in Colombia. They show a balance of fruitiness next to the typical citric tones Colombian coffee has become known for. This ripe fruitiness creates a cup profile that envelops your palate in a complex combination of texture and tone. We believe this is largely in part due to the distinct micro-climate found in the municipality of Inza. 

Jose Pechene & Luz Amanda

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