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Colombia Finca Costa Rica Caturra


Citric & Complex

Notes of Lemon Curd, Raspberry & Melon

An evocative tasting experience, featuring a cup profile adorned with bright citrus notes of lemon curd, followed by tart red raspberry, and concluding with a complex tone of fresh melon.




Producer: Faver Ninco

1900-2100 Meters
Coffee cherries rest 48 hours before a dual stage fermentation mixing aerobic and anaerobic methods with yeast inoculant. The coffee is then washed and dried in a parabolic drier for 10-20 days.
May - August 2023
Santa Maria, Huila

About the Producer
Faver Ninco began his coffee-producing journey a quarter century ago when he inherited Finca Costa Rica from his father. His expertise has grown over the years, acquiring techniques that have enabled him to craft exceptional coffees that are among the finest in Colombia. Faver's daughter, Camila, is the youngest member of the specialty coffee exporter, The Coffee Quest. She works in the nearby town of Santa Maria as a cupper and part of the QC team. With her guidance, the family farm has expanded to feature rare and exotic coffee varieties, including Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Java, and Papayo. Many of these unique varieties are just beginning to yield fruit, and we eagerly anticipate tasting them in the upcoming harvests.

The 20-acre farm is nestled between 1900 and 2200 meters above sea level, a short drive from Santa Maria. Coffee grows harmoniously alongside local fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, and plantains. Just below the farm lies a spacious valley, capturing warm air that cools upon reaching the farm, creating an ideal environment for cultivating expressive and flavorful coffee.

About the Coffee
The Caturra variety — once prevalent across the Americas — has waned in popularity to make way for new hybrid or exotic varieties. Unlike many of the newer varieties, Caturra is highly susceptible to major issues like coffee leaf rust, making it a risk to grow. As a result, Caturra-specific lots of coffee are exceedingly difficult to find, and their availability diminishes each passing year. When encountered, it is often in limited quantities, lacking the attention and excitement afforded to newer varieties.

We firmly believe that Caturra stands among the best-tasting varieties. A meticulously cultivated Caturra, under ideal conditions, can rival even the most esteemed Geshas and Pink Bourbon lots. We're excited to share this pure Caturra selection from Finca Costa Rica.

This coffee was cultivated with care and epitomizes the traditional Colombian flavor that is fading fast. Its excellence lies in nuanced and elegant flavors, encapsulating the true "terroir" of high-grown Huilan coffee. While newer varieties emphasize "varietal" characteristics (a Pink Bourbon tastes like a Pink Bourbon), this selection exposes flavors that capture the growing context, resulting in a unique and singular tasting experience.

This selection was processed using a specialized technique developed by Faver and Camila. Coffee cherries were first rested for 48 hours before being de-pulped and placed into airtight containers with cima yeast strains. This creates a dynamic fermentation environment accentuating the natural flavors found on Finca Costa Rica. After fermenting for 50 hours aerobically, the coffee moves into a secondary fermentation stage anaerobically for 24 hours. Following fermentation, coffee is softly washed to leave some honey attached to the seeds, before being dried on raised beds for 10-20 days until reaching ideal moisture conditions. 

What We Love
Caturra has become one of our most cherished varieties. Its singular flavor is reminiscent of the finest coffees from years past. In an industry enamored with the latest trends, we take pride in highlighting the extraordinary in the classics. We specifically requested this Caturra selection from Finca Costa Rica to be separated, as it had previously been blended with coffees from other producers in the area. The outcome is an evocative tasting experience, featuring a cup profile adorned with bright citrus notes of lemon curd, followed by tart red raspberry, concluding with a complex tone of fresh melon.

Faver Ninco

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