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Organic Summer Solstice


Radiant & Lively 

Notes of Cherry, Floral & Nougat

Our summer seasonal blend, look for notes of stone fruit sweetness punctuated by cherry and nougat with a delicate, floral aftertaste.




1600-2200 meters
Wolisho, Kurume, Caturra, Bourbon & Catimor
Ethiopia: Centrally Processed, Washed, Wet Fermented, Dried On Raised Beds

Peru: Farm-Level Processed, Dry Fermented, Dried on Patios & Raised Beds


July 2019 - January 2020

Nansebo, Ethiopia & La Coipa, Peru

About Organic Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a celebration of those dog days of summer – when the sun lingers and time slows. It’s a magical season here in the Driftless, one spent floating down the river, tending to overabundant gardens, and gathering around late night fires under the stars. And while we know we can’t capture that all in a blend, no one's going to stop us from trying.

As with all of our seasonal blends, Summer Solstice captures the fresh flavor profiles and delicate subtleties of this season’s standouts. Playful and radiant, this blend features coffees from two unique, and newly distinguished coffee growing communities in Peru and Ethiopia. With notes of ripe stone fruit and sweet nougat, Summer Solstice is floral, fruity and surprisingly full-bodied.


To reach Laurel, a small mountain hamlet in northern Peru, you must climb steadily for three and a half hours from Jaén into the Andes. Driving along bumpy, serpentine roads, it’s a long journey to a place that for many years hadn’t been on the map for specialty coffee. But here, amidst an abundant landscape of wild vegetation, small family coffee farms are flourishing.

The farmers of Laurel own and cultivate relatively small acreages. The scale of production allows producers to have greater level of control over every aspect of the coffee cherry’s lifecycle, from blossom to bean. This, paired with the favorable altitude, rich soils, and variety of microclimates, has distinguished the region in the specialty coffee market in recent years. Laurel is even home to the 2019 top placing Cup of Excellence coffee from Peru – a coffee that we purchased a few years ago from Marcelino Chinguel and his famous farm, El Romerillo.

We might never have been known of this incredible community of producers had we not met the folks at Origin Coffee Lab two years ago. A farmer-integrated exporter, Origin’s commitment to working with local farmers to separate out the region’s best lots and secure them the premium prices they deserve has since introduced us to some of the most striking and delicious coffees we’ve ever tasted out of Peru.


Ethiopia, the homeland of all coffee, is not where you might expect to find a new and relatively unknown coffee producing region. But Nansebo, perched at 2000 meters, is an anomaly you’d be lucky to stumble upon. Located 250 miles south of Addis Ababa, Nensebo is home to a community of producers who grow coffee on small, 1-3 hectare plots, collectively cultivating 5,000 hectares of Kurume and Wolisho varieties, along with wild varietals originally plucked from neighboring forests.

The Refisa Washing Station receives coffee from 678 of these farmers. At the washing station, producers deliver ripe red cherries to be centrally processed, ensuring the highest quality standards. The result is everything you would look for in a coffee from Ethiopia: cherries thoughtfully grown at extremely high elevations, long soaking and fermentation times, a diverse range of varieties that yields a distinctive flavor palette, and consistency across the crop.

This is the first coffee we have ever purchased from Refisa or from the Nansebo region, but we’re sure it won’t be our last.

Organic Summer Solstice

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