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Organic Guatemala Adenisa


Sweet & Luscious

Notes of Vanilla, Milk Chocolate & Dried Cherry

A thick, syrupy mouthfeel gives way to layers of milk chocolate and fudge with a juicy-sweet, dried cherry finish.




1600-2100 meters
Caturra, Typica, Catuai, Bourbon & Catimor
Centrally Processed, Dry Fermentation, Washed, Patio Dried


January - April 2020


San Pedro La Laguna, Lake Atitlán

Adenisa Association

The cerulean waters of Lake Atitlán are framed by dramatically rising volcanoes, looming high above the small towns that skirt Atitlan's coast and freckle the region's steep hills. The communities surrounding Atitlán each carry a distinct personality. Some towns, or “lagunas,” have a strong tourism industry and are full of curious shops and yoga retreats, while others have held on to an agrarian way of life.

In the mountains surrounding San Pedro La Laguna, farmers cultivating coffee and honey on generational farms work to preserve this traditional way of life. The Adenisa Association is made up of 52 such farmers and is a part of a larger umbrella cooperative called Manos Campesinas, "Peasants' Hands." The cooperative provides resources in agronomy for its members, as well as access to a centralized wet mill and nutrient rich compost which is produced on site. Adenisa's centralized wet mill ensures a consistently high quality coffee crop season after season. The cooperative purchases whole coffee cherries and depulps, ferments and dries the coffee under the watchful eye of a professional team of coffee processors. The fruit that is removed is then brought to their organic worm composting facility next door, which goes on to fertilize next year’s harvest.

The cooperative’s attention to detail in processing makes for a clean profile, allowing the creamy, milk chocolate sweetness of this coffee to shine through. The volcanic soil also informs its natural flavors. Rich in nutrients and minerals, the soil lends a unique quality to the cherries grown here, adding depth to the cupping experience.

Adenisa Association

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