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Organic Decaf Mexico Ozolotepec Female Producers


Balanced & Refined

Notes of Maple, Dark Chocolate & Sweet Almond

A generous and soft texture gives way to a maple sweetness with a smooth and refined aftertaste.




1400-2000 Meters
Caturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Sarchimor, Marsellesa & Typica
Farm Level Dry Fermentation, Washed, Patio and Raised Bed Drying, Mountain Water Process Decaf
December 2020-March 2021
Ozolotepec, Oaxaca

UNECAFE Cooperative

Our latest fresh crop, single origin decaf is from Santa Cruz Ozolotepec, a small coffee-growing town of less than 1,000 inhabitants in the Southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico We first visited Oaxaca back in 2016 and have been buying small amounts of coffee here ever since.

This is our second year purchasing coffee from Ozolotepec and our first year purchasing an exclusively female-produced lot. All of the producers belong to the UNECAFE cooperative, a Oaxaca based umbrella organization founded back in 2009. Cooperatives like this one function as a way for smallholder farmers to organize together and realize economic gains that would be impossible otherwise.
Through their cooperative, members are allowed better access to production support like coffee plant starts and coffee pulping machines. They also have access to housing, ecological latrines, health campaigns, beehives for honey production, income diversification with poultry and many other social supports.

In specialty coffee, using the word decaf solicits a myriad of responses, most of which are negative. The prevailing stereotype is that decaf coffees are flat, flavorless and unrepresentative of their original characteristics. But our decaf coffees are a different story.

We use in-season, organic coffees that are decaffeinated with the Mountain Water Process as well as the CO2 process. Unlike many decafs on the market that employ chemicals in this process, these processes gently remove caffeine in a pure water solution that floats coffee oils to the surface (caffeine included), filters out the caffeine, and reintroduces the original oils to the green coffee. The result is a great coffee, no qualifiers.

We love keeping a single origin decaf coffee on our menu as the global harvests ebb and flow. It gives decaf lovers an opportunity to enjoy the nuances and unique flavor profiles of a given region.
This single origin decaf from Ozolotepec has an intense sweetness and soft acidity with notes of maple, dark chocolate, and sweet almonds. We hope you enjoy it!

UNECAFE Cooperative

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