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Kenya Kahete


Bright & Punchy

Notes of Cherry, Cranberry & Red Zinfandel

Beautiful aromatics give way to a full, deep body with wine-like acidity, and a lovely cranberry finish.




1700-1900 Meters
SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11
48 Hour Dry Fermentation, Overnight Soak, Washed, 10-14 day Drying on Raised Beds
November-December 2020

About Rwaikamba Cooperative

We love the wild diversity of coffee flavors that can be found in Kenyan coffees. These coffees challenge what we think is possible in a cup of coffee. Their complex choruses of flavors are more akin to fruit juice than what one might expect from coffee.

This gorgeous small lot from the Kahete washing station is no exception. The Kahete factory was established in 1984 and rests on a 5-acre piece of land serving the villages of Karunge, Gataragwa, and Kirimiya. Currently, it is affiliated with the Rwaikamba Farmers Cooperative Society and run by John Muchiri Mwangi, the factory manager.

Kahete purchases cherry from 600 small-holder member-producers whose farms are located at an average of 1,800 meters above sea level. This high altitude causes the coffee cherries to mature more slowly. High elevation, combined with rich volcanic soil and careful processing help highlight the inherent complex fruit flavors of the SL-28 and SL-34 varieties. Both cultivars have Bourbon and Moka heritage and are named after the laboratory that promoted their wider distribution in Kenya during the early 20th Century, Scott Laboratories.

This lot truly captures what makes Kenyan coffees so unique. It's extremely bright and winey with distinct aromatics, sweetness, and complexity of flavor. We hope you get a chance to enjoy a cup of Kahete this season.

Rwaikamba Cooperative

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