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Organic Ethiopia Charbanta Natural Process


Fruity & Complex

Notes of Red Cherry, Melon & Floral

Intensely sweet and fruited with notes of melon and flowers with a crisp, lemony finish.




2000-2450 meters
Kudhume (74110), Wolisho (74112) & Heirloom Varieties
Natural process, 20 day african bed drying
November-January 2021
Charbanta Kebele

Charbanta Cooperative

We've been visiting the Yirgacheffe area of Ethiopia since 2012. Over time, we've begun to zero in on the undulating hills around the small village of Idido. The farms surrounding Idido are extremely high in altitude, with most coffee growing above 1,900 meters. It's also cooler than other parts of Yirgacheffe with similar altitudes, which extends the maturation of coffee cherries, adding density, sweetness and complexity to the final cup. For all of these reasons, we believe that this is one of the best micro-climates in the world for coffee.

In 2014, we heard whispers of a new cooperative forming around Idido and were excited to confirm the formation of the 250 member Charbanta Cooperative on our subsequent visit. Charbanta is located a few kilometers up the hill from Idido at an impressive altitude of 2,120 meters. They collect coffee cherries from three different Kebeles: Charbanta, Laba Gasha and Edene Mucturi -- all of which are located in Bole.

Charbanta is in their sixth year of producing natural, sun-dried coffees. We love the big, juicy, fruit-forward character of natural process coffees and look forward to eventually tasting washed process from Chrabanta when they're able to acquire the equipment.

We weren't able to buy this coffee for the last several seasons due to administrative challenges within the Yirgacheffe Farmers Union as well as political instability in Ethiopia. We were extremely happy to rekindle our partnership with Charbanta this year after receiving an outstanding set of samples.

We were honored to receive a Good Food Award in 2017 for this coffee and are proud to say that it's as tasty as it's ever been. Cheers!

Charbanta Cooperative

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