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Colombia Santa Fe


Dynamic & Honeyed

Notes of Citrus, 70% Cacao & Candied Pecan

Effervescent, citrus toned brightness balanced with a honeyed sweetness and a dreamy, candied pecan finish.




1800-2100 Meters
Farm-Level Processing, Dry Fermentation, Washed, Patio Dried

July 2020- September 2020
Buesaco, Nariño

About Productores de Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a very small village in the storied region of Tablon de Gomez in Northeast Nariño on the southern tip of Colombia. The terrain here is vast, with barren, jagged mountains that vault into distant clouds and expansive views. This exquisite micro lot is comprised entirely of the caturra varietal and is the result of the hard work of five small-scale producers: Doris Otaya, Pablo Cordoba, Leonel Constain, Natividad Hidrobo, and Jose Maria Cordoba.

We have been travelling to Colombia for as long as we have been a company. But it wasn’t until 2014 that the unique coffees of Nariño started to pop up on our radar as an area whose geography really made for a distinctive profile. Up until 2014, we had focused our buying in the areas around Cauca and the small town of Popayan.

At that time, a number of well known coffee roasters started to pay closer attention to the area and began a very focused project in collaboration with CRS and the Borderlands Project. One of the main agronomists from that project, Carlos Alberto Torres Burbano, helped us build this lot with the help of his very talented wife, Angela Patiño, who is the main coffee taster for the project.This is the first of many exciting coffees from Nariño’s 2020 harvest. Look for notes of candied pecan, 70% cacao and a sweet citrus twist.

Productores de Santa Fe

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