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Burundi Kibingo Anaerobic Washed Process


Fruity & Dynamic

Notes of Fruit Punch, Strawberry & Lime

Complex and in-your-face fruit notes of wild strawberry and fruit punch give way to loads of sweetness and a syrupy, sweet aftertaste.

Also available in Washed and Natural processes.

Try all three: Kibingo Process Tasting Box




Kibingo Washing Station

1800-2100 Meters
Red Bourbon & Jackson
Washed, Natural & Anaerobic
May 2021-July 2021

Kibingo Washing Station

It’s an incredible opportunity to taste a single coffee processed three different ways. In the journey of coffee from ripe fruit to roasted bean, processing is the determinant fork in the road that can lead to wildly different results in the cup. One of the best ways to illuminate the effect processing has on coffee is to use one coffee (from the same farmer(s) in the same location harvested at the same time, etc) with
the processing method being the only variable.

This is our fifth year buying coffee from the Kibingo Washing Station. Having recognized their meticulous processing in previous seasons, we asked them to conduct something of a risky experiment: employ washed, natural, and anaerobic processes on the same coffee, and well... see what happens. We don’t want to spoil the ending, but we will say, there’s some magic in those three bags.


Ripened cherries were stripped of their fruit (pulped) and fermented in water for 12 hours. They were then washed before an additional overnight soak. After a final rinse, the coffee was laid out on African raised beds for two to three weeks.
The resulting cup is crisp and amazingly structured with bountiful aromatics and a unique brightness.


Perhaps the most traditional of all, natural process coffees are simply laid out to dry on raised beds, cherry intact. The resulting cup is dynamic and fruity with an added touch of sweetness with a slight softening of the acidity.


Now here’s where things get interesting. We asked our partners at Greenco to try an experimental processing technique for this lot that we are calling an anaerobic washed process. After trialling this technique in Peru, Kenya and Ethiopia, we knew that we would have favorable results in Burundi as well.

Cherries were sealed in grainpro bags before undergoing the traditional wet process wherein the cherries were pulped, fermented underwater, washed and dried on raised beds. Surely the most complex and labor intensive of the three, but that complexity is reflected in the cup, and honestly, yielded one of the most unique profiles we’ve ever tasted.


The Kibingo washing station is set high in the mountains of the Kayanza district in Burundi, just over the border from Rwanda. During the harvest, a skilled team of coffee processors sort, depulp, ferment and dry coffee cherries delivered by over 3,500 small-scale farmers working throughout the surrounding hills. This is our fifth year purchasing from Kibingo and we are extremely grateful for the incredible coffees that these farmers are able to produce year after year.

Kibingo is a part of a group of washing stations owned and operated by our partners at Greenco, an organization that has elevated coffee quality in the Kayanza district through their dedication to perfection in processing. Every year, coffee from Greenco’s washing stations grace the top ten spots of the famed Burundi Cup of Excellence. This year, we were able to purchase small lots from both Nemba and Kibingo. We’ll be releasing these roasts at the peak of their seasonality, offering you the chance to taste the distinctive profiles of each harvest.


Coffee grown in Kayanza is almost exclusively the red bourbon variety, a darling of the specialty coffee world renowned for its sweet and clean cup. Paired with Kayanza’s high altitude - up to 2000 meters - and favorable climate, the region is able to produce some of the world’s best coffee.

Kibingo Washing Station

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